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Varicose Veins


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Dr. Khateeb specializes in phlebology (diseases of the veins) including varicose veins.

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There is a special interest in treating varicose veins with minimal or no surgery and that includes the radiofrequency closure procedure and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy which is an outpatient procedure.

facial spider veins before and afterKhateeb Vein Center offers treatment for facial spider veins and vascular lesions using state-of-the-art VeinGogh technology. Using this technology limits the risk of over treating, so there is little to no trauma to the skin. There is no down time and results can be seen immediately.

We serve our patients at our location in El Paso, Texas. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment to perform vascular studies, i.e. arterial and venous.  Please contact us today for an appointment.

Khateeb Vein Center buildingOur location:
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